A poem I wrote in 2004.

You are the only One
Don’t You hear me crying?
The rain falls in torrents
Each drop searing its way to the very core of me
Bursting embers from within scream through what is left of my flesh
Exposed for all to see,
I cowar behind the mirage of a thick, white blanket
I perceive that I am engulfed by the vapor
Only to realize that what I have become is nothing I can hide
The agony of the rain and the burning of all that I hold dear
Brings my torment to its crescendo
Suddenly, I begin to break apart
Crackling and crumbling into heaps of dust
The pain heightens and I fear I will not survive
Through it all You are there, watching in silence
Why don’t You help me?
I am dying, please stop the rain!
I collapse, dejected and wounded
All around me the swirling wind whips
And with it takes the unsteady particles that once represented me
Approaching footsteps strike fear, but only for an instant
I have died, what more can be done to me?
Still, You pick me up and begin to dress my wounds
Silently, but steadily You restore me until I can stand
Solely relying on Your strength
It is only then, in Your arms, that my eyes are opened
You brought the rain