Caverns of the Heart

Should we love, only as love seeks to love us? Or, should we love from the depths of the caverns in our hearts? I should say, “love from the caverns,” but who, or rightly, how many, know of the actual depth or the very existence of those caverns? love spurred on by passion – this is the thing that will excavate the depth. No other. For other distractions are but shallow tools that can never know the whole truth. How does love seek to love us, that is far different than the love from the depths? Love seeks to love selfishly, most often; out of personal gain, and not the shear pleasure of an act. Love also seeks to “love” to appease the lust of some thing, object, etc. Love is no longer pure in intention or in word or deed. When did this separation begin? The corruption of love most likely, and now that I say “most likely,” I am certain the corruption began at the beginning of sin. For how can we love purely without purity. Only the love that stems from the passion that begins with Christ can be pure. Oh, how do we get there? Can we all get there – is it even possible? My personal experience would tell me yes – experience in the sense that I have chanced to meet those whose hearts are open, that they are plumbing the depths of those caverns, and they have found treasure beyond their fallen imaginations. That is where I want, no, it is stronger than that – I long to be there, I long to plumb the depths. To discover the fullness of the love that my heart can offer when correctly opened.